Photos from Iran in 1995 by Tim Strehle

Isfahan (اصفهان)

There’s lots of phenomenal “tourist attractions” in Isfahan / Esfahan (اصفهان), a city that’s been world famous even back in the Middle Ages. I loved the city’s bridges at night, but unfortunately failed to take a good photo of them.

The giant Naqsh-e Jahan Square (میدان نقش جهان), with the Shah Mosque (مسجد امام) to the left and the Ālī Qāpū (عالی‌ قاپو) palace to the right
Inside the Shah Mosque (مسجد امام)
Another view from within the Shah Mosque
Looking out of Chehel Sotoun
The Chehel Sotoun (چهل ستون‎) pavilion
The “shaking minarets”, Menar Jonban
One of the “shaking minarets”
The Armenian Vank Cathedral (کلیسای وانک)

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