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Digital Asset Management Reading List Jan. 2018

Here’s the Digital Asset Management (DAM) articles from January 2018 which I recommend reading. I picked them from the constant stream of blog posts you can see float by on Planet DAM. For more curated DAM links, see the weekly Digital Asset Management.com Links and Tracy Wolfe’s 10 things on the 10th.

The big news in January was Mark Davey and company launching The Codified DAM Consultant™. He introduces it in an interview led by Nora Gehin, and positions it against vendor selection on the golf course or via G2 Crowd. I like the focus on the Ten Core Characteristics of a DAM system.

Congratulations to Ralph Windsor for becoming the new DAM Guru Program director! Ramon Forster introduces him in an open letter.

Tracy Wolfe reports on the IEN Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange which took place in New York City.

What will 2018 bring? Tony Byrne presents 8 Key Trends to Watch, while Ralph Windsor writes about Blockchain And The Future Of Content DAM.

I think Stylelabs is onto something, integrating “serverless” Microsoft Azure Functions into its DAM platform. Graph databases are hot too, check out Applying Graphs to Enterprise Media Asset Management by Chris Goodacre and Brant Boehmann.

The Acronyms are Killing our Businesses, says Ian Truscott.

Emily Kolvitz has a fun way to teach the art of metadata: a Game of Thrones taxonomy.

I agree with Alan J. Porter’s insight Don't Dismantle Data Silos, Build Bridges, and with Charles Russell’s response No DAM Is An Island.

DAM people: Natalie Daller, Jeff Beaulieu, and 7 experts sharing what they wish they knew.

About DAM products: an updated Bynder Orbit review by Spencer J. Harris, and David Breslauer’s Get your content into Merlin screencast.

Have fun!