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10 years ago, I switched to the Mac

A decade ago, I switched from Windows to the Apple Mac. Fortunately, my employer knows that developers need good hardware, and was happy to buy us top-of-the-line MacBook Pros.

Not everything is perfect on the Mac, but it’s still a joy to use such excellent hardware and software (fast, beautiful, high quality). And I love working on a Unix-powered machine. I can’t see myself going back to Windows for another decade.

My first MacBook Pro 17" (photo from 2008) and Dell 21" monitor in portrait mode:

Tim's desk in 2008

Here’s the second MBP 17", with my beloved Apple Cinema 30" monitor (photo from 2010):

Tim's desk in 2010

The one I’m typing this on is a MacBook Pro 15" I got in 2014:

Tim's desk in 2017

I’m also using an iPhone since 2008 (3G, 4, 5, 6, 7). I guess that makes me an Apple “fanboy” :)

Update (2018-01-02): On the new job, I got a fresh MacBook Pro 15" (space gray, touch bar) and a 27" Acer monitor:

Tim's desk in 2018

Update (2019-01-18): More pixels are always better – I added a 27" Lenovo monitor:

Tim's desk in 2019