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Digital Asset Management Reading List May 2017: Content Platforms and Governance Councils

Here’s the Digital Asset Management articles from April which had a lasting impression on me – picked from the constant stream of blog posts you can see float by on Planet DAM. For more curated DAM links, see the weekly Digital Asset Management.com Links.

If you’re attending the DAM New York conference this week, I’m sure you’ll have a great time hearing and talking about DAM. The rest of us must make do with reading about DAM, and waiting for your conference report blog posts…

My favorite DAM article in April was Max Dunn’s Ten DAMs from the InDesign out; a rare, detailed compilation of the unique qualities of ten major DAM systems.

Finding Signs Of Life In DAM: The Role Of Integrated Digital Asset Supply Chains by Ralph Windsor (DAM News) is another excellent post with deep insights into metadata mining and entry. (See also Evelyn Kent of MarkLogic on Metadata capture during – not after – production.)

Advice: Ian Matzen writes about his experiences working remotely as a DAM manager, Megan Keane on why library school students should be looking into a DAM career. The DAM industry needs a makeover, a reinvention of the DAM brand, according to Emily Kolvitz (Bynder). Lee Boulie (Country Music Hall of Fame) has a fun way of inviting us to her Henry Stewart DAM NY session. How easily can your DAM system be adapted when the business changes?, asks Uri Kogan (Nuxeo).

Once more, G2 Crowd rates the “Best enterprise DAM software”. At DAM News, Ralph Windsor explains why G2 Crowd reviews are no authoritative source. In Buying a DAM? Do your homework, Denzil Ford (MediaValet) lists other sources for DAM information. (Disclosure: Her list includes my blog.)

Chuck Kapelke tells brand managers to Get on the DAM train. In his Engaging your users webinar recording, David Breslauer (MerlinOne) explains the various ways you can tweak a DAM system to better adapt it to user needs. Cory Schneider summarizes a Canto webinar featuring John Horodyski, who recommends establishing a regular “DAM governance council”. AI-powered object recognition could be useful in DAM systems dealing with real estate property, according to Daniel Emmerson (OpenAsset).

On metadata: Sarah Saunders (capture) lists 6 steps to cataloguing for DAM. Charis McGowan (Bynder) tells the story of Carl Linnaeus’ 18th century biological classification and how it relates to DAM in Taxonomy, it’s an art. See also Taxonomy term specificity as explained by Heather Hedden.

Products: CELUM introduces their new Content Productivity Platform. (Not to be confused with the Picturepark Content Platform…) In a separate post, they outline its technical details. (It’s interesting that the new CELUM software runs on the JanusGraph database.)

Webhooks are added to Elvis DAM, and Ralph Windsor (DAM News) likes both the feature and the way it’s announced.

The IO Integration webinar recording The Evolution of DAM – Semantic Databases includes a censhare demo.

I love getting to know (even if only virtually) DAM people: Henrik de Gyor does an excellent interview with Nick Felder; Coca-Cola’s “pay to extend usage rights” rights management system sounds rather unique. DAM Guru Program interviews Emily Vargas (Wilson Sporting Goods), MarTech Series interviews Jacco de Bruijn (Libris).

Dagmar Schneider and Ian Truscott talk about censhare. Michael Raimondo gives an overview of PGA Tour Entertainment’s MAM.

Congrats to the DAM Guru program (sponsored by Picturepark) which celebrates 1,000 signups!

Nice DAM case studies: NASA. San Francisco Ballet. The Wildlife Trusts. ProSiebenSat.1. Vodafone. PLAE. Thomas Cook.

Screenshots and screencasts: A sneak peek of Evolphin Zoom 7.0. MediaValet in-app editing for Office documents. Canto Flight direct URLs. The Libris Creative Cloud Connector. Sabern. Widen Collective Portals examples. DataBasics Asset Request Solution for Cumulus. The Bynder Drupal 8 connector implemented by MD Systems.

See you in June, I’m looking forward to the summer!