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My “DAM Champ” interview

Laurel Norris kindly interviewed me for the Digital Asset Management.com “DAM Champ” series:

DAM Champ: Tim Strehle, and a follow-up DAM Champ: Tim Strehle, Part 2.

In the interview, I’m talking about the internship that started my DAM career. For more on that story, and how I turned from a librarian into a software developer, see my blog post Where have all the librarians gone?.

Some background on the Topic Maps engine I’m mentioning is in Why I prefer Topic Maps to RDF.

In Part 2 of the interview, I’m talking about “Deep Content”, i.e. that we need to move away from metadata as “just some flat fields to help us find a file”. This, together with Linked Data, is the most important DAM topic to me right now. Links and more here: It’s content, not just DAM metadata See also: Schema flexibility for power users.

“I wonder whether there’s a market for a headless DAM system?” Maybe not, but this question popped up because I’m still thinking about DAM value chains.

If you’ve got feedback on one of these topics, please let me know!

P.S.: On DAM News, Ralph Windsor comments on my interview in his Planet DAM Now Syndicated On DAM News article.