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Find the latest articles on Digital Asset Management via Planet DAM

There’s lots of interesting articles being written on Digital Asset Management topics. How do you keep up-to-date? That’s easy – do as I do, follow the more than 600 DAM related Twitter accounts and about 100 RSS feeds, and I promise you won’t miss out on anything important! (I’m suffering from “FOMO”, I guess: “fear of missing out”.)

If this seems like too much work, check out my Planet DAM:

This is the place where I link all new DAM-related articles I come across when scanning Twitter and RSS feeds. A manually curated “river of news” for DAM writing which you can follow on Twitter via @PlanetDAM. If you’re using a feed reader (highly recommended), you can even subscribe to the Planet DAM RSS feed (well, Atom feed) and get all the latest stuff without having to visit the Planet DAM Web site.

If you know of an article that should be on Planet DAM but isn’t yet, please send me its URL via e-mail or Twitter. Thanks in advance!

Update (2016-10-17): I’m happy to hear that Planet DAM is useful to the DAM community:

Laura Fu: “@PlanetDAM is an incredible curation of DAM content. Kudos!”

Tracy Wolfe: “Tim Strehle’s fabulous resource PlanetDAM.”

MediaValet: “Tim Strehle’s feed makes it easy to find useful and relevant DAM content from reliable sources.”

Ralph Windsor: “Planet DAM is Tim’s hand-picked selection of DAM articles from different participants in our industry and includes vendors, consultants and a variety of personal blogs and related websites. I frequently use this as my go-to source for current information about DAM now.” (Ralph syndicates Planet DAM on DAM News, and sponsors the planetdam.org domain.)

Deb Fanslow: “Thanks for keeping my DAM reading queue full!”

Update (2017-06-15): Curating Planet DAM takes a lot of (my spare) time. Why am I doing this?

First, it’s a great way to keep learning about DAM, and to keep in touch with the DAM community.

Also, working on the tech side of DAM most of the time, Planet DAM is the sandbox helping me brush up my rusty librarian skills :)

More importantly, my vision for the DAM community on the Web is that we’re getting better at reading, listening, learning from each other – as opposed to being “content marketers” shouting at their (imaginary?) audience. Ideally, authors would do research on Planet DAM before writing about a topic. And use the time saved by linking to existing articles (instead of restating what’s been said before) to add their unique point of view, furthering the discussion. “Here’s to the ones who dream…”